The Wesak Festival A Spiritual Celebration

" No price they charge us is extremely high , provided it is of use to the Hierarchy during the Wesak Festival . No price is extremely high for gaining spiritual enlightenment , as this may be possible. " Tibetan Proverb .

The Wesak Festival is a spiritual and sacred ceremony that is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Vaisakh Indian ( also called Wesak ) . Coincides with the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha, the moment attains enlightenment , and the departure of his earthly incarnation. The Festival of Wesak full moon of the Bulls is the most powerful full moon of the year , is the result of an uplifting bridge between humanity and the Divine. During this day , the forces of light emanating from the Mind and Heart of God descend upon the Human Consciousness .

Legend has it that this wonderful custom takes place in a distant sacred valley in the northern part of the Himalayas near Nepal and Lhasa , there meets the Great Beings to experience the descent of Divine Purpose and Power directed to the Divine Plan . This celebration with all their esoteric significance reaches different levels of consciousness - the physical, emotional , mental and spiritual planes of existence. In the valley around Mount Kailash there is a physical gathering of aspirants including monks . It is believed that the spiritual disciples deliberately watch the sacred ritual in their astral bodies , others in your mental body and the most advanced in their spiritual bodies .

( Text Glenn Mendoza , MD , with references from books by Charles Leadbeater , Master Choa Kok Sui , Torkom Saraydarian and Alice Bailey ) .