Anita Bidoul

Anita was Born in Peru, came to Brazil very young and kept the esoteric studies which she had started some years ago and improved at India, Indonesia, United States, and Brazil. Anita

Teacher for many years in Dowsing, Radionics, Aura, Chakras, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Sensitivity and various other techniques in the art of CURE.

Master in Reiki (Graduated at Osho's Institute in Pune - India), she have worked with Bach Flower Therapy and Mines.

After 14 years following the teachings of Eastern Philosophies, she decided to focus all her efforts to improve the studies on the Pranic Healing methodology.

Direct disciple of GRAN MASTER CHOA KOK SUI,

With great experience in Pranic Healing and many successful results, continues her work, helping people in your venue located in São José dos Campos, The Anita's venue or O Espaço da Anita.

Maintains all levels of studies within this philosophy and she is responsible for Pranic Healing abroad in Brazil and Peru

Anita participates regularly in conventions, courses and other activities promoted by Pranic Healing Organizations abroad.

In order to preserve the original teachings of MASTER CHOA KOK SUI, Anita created in Brazil and recently in Peru, the Training School for Teachers of Basic Courses, Advanced and Pranic Psychotherapy.
Pioneer in this work, she achieved an excellent result with excellent instructors in Brazil and Peru, and also as an outcome, excellent students who understand the real purpose of the Pranic Healing in the global scenario. In Peru she expanded for more Peruvian towns hoping to have the success that Capital Lima has had.

She was responsible for the successful Pan-American Pranic Healers meeting event, with participants from 25 countries, which took place in Foz do Iguaçu, State of Parana south of Brazil in 2005. Five days with the effort and responsibility of Anita and her group, more than 500 students were able to enjoy the presence of the Beloved Master Choa Kok Sui, his teachings and the Great Wesak Meditation.

Anita, with lots of creativity, made everyone to return to their homes with memories and Spiritual experiences of great value.

Anita said : "We will obey the Beloved Master, work and fight for in each family there is at least one Pranic therapist... a challenging job ! "